Summer 2024 Application Overview

Welcome to the Summer 2024 application form for the College Choice Program, an initiative from NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), in partnership with The New York Foundling.

College Choice supports youth in foster care who are attending college full-time. Only current students in College Choice are eligible to apply for benefits over the summer. In order to qualify for summer benefits, students must be:

  1. Enrolled in course(s) during the summer 2024 term; and/or
  2. Engaged in an approved activity such as an internship or job related to their area of study.
  3. If the student is graduating at the end of the Spring 2024 semester, they can apply for the post-graduation stipend.

*Please note: Students must also follow the rules/guidelines set forth by their housing provider if they wish to remain in summer housing. Most college dorms require students to be enrolled in courses during the duration of the summer in order to be eligible for summer housing.

Application Deadline

The Summer 2024 College Choice Program application will open on Monday, April 29th, 2024. Current College Choice Program participants must complete the application form and submit all required documentation to be considered for program benefits over the summer. Please see the Summer 2024 College Choice Program Timeline for application deadlines and other required due dates.” Please be aware that as of July 2023, the Direct Cash Assistance (Stipend) will begin the date participants are approved by the College Choice Program.

  • 4/29/24 – Application opens
  • 5/15/24 – Priority deadline for College Choice applications
  • 5/30/24 – Final deadline for all College Choice applications (portal will close at midnight)

Required Documents

Students who will be taking summer course(s) will need to provide the following documentation as part of their application:

  • College/university enrollment letter. See Samples HERE
  • Full-time course schedule for the upcoming semester. See Samples HERE
    • If not full-time, student must submit a formal letter from the student’s college/university advisor that explains why the student is attending less than full-time
  • Up-to-date college transcript (for continuing college students) and transcript(s) from any previously attended college/university. See Samples HERE
    • If not meeting the 2.0 GPA requirement, student must submit an Academic Success Plan developed with their college/university advisor that outlines tasks/steps they will take to improve academically
  • College of attendance academic calendar. See Samples HERE
  • Bursar bill with financial aid/awards applied. See Samples HERE

Students who will be engaged in an internship or job opportunity related to their area of student will need to provide the following documentation as part of their application:

  • Proof of Employment: A letter from your employer/internship organization which includes the following (see sample here):
    • Confirmation that you will be interning/employed with the company/organization
    • Roles/responsibilities you will have in the position
    • Dates of your internship/employment
    • Location of the position
  • Up to Date College Transcript

Additional documentation requirements:

  • For students living in private off-campus housing which they will remain in during the summer, a signed lease with their landlord outlining terms and fees and an invoice provided by their landlord. See Samples HERE
  • For students applying for the 6 months post-graduation stipend, a copy of their final college transcript and diploma are required

Sample Document Package

If you would like to see a sample documents package, please click here.

Please Note: Students are expected to resubmit their college/university enrollment letter on a regular basis. Due dates are provided in the document and students will be reminded each month. It is the student’s responsibility to remain up-to-date on deadlines.

Thank you for your interest in the College Choice Program! We look forward to reviewing your application! If you have any questions related to the program please reach out to [email protected]